Monday, 21 August 2017

A picture book

Walt: write for a younger audience.
Man my school is such a pain! They make me stay in at lunch just because i didn`t finish my work. Im going to leave earth because of school but i have to leave a note for my Mum cause she will worry about me and i almost forgot hi my name is STAR LORD.

I am now arriving at nasa space station woooooooow look at my spaceship. I jump in my spaceship and blasted off 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 blast off.

First stop mercury wow the surface is rocky and hard it is so hot thats because it is the first planet from the sun but this is not the planet for me NEXT PLANET.

Second stop Venus the second planet from the sun Venus is very very hot hotter then mercury that is why i wouldn`t wont to live on Venus NEXT PLANET.

I all ready know what earth is like so i don`t have to land there.

The 4th stop mars. Mars is called the red planet because it is red mars has a lot of mountains and craters but it has to much dust to see so i cant stay here. NEXT PLANET.

5th stop Jupiter. Jupiter is a gas giant and it is the biggest planet` so know one live on here if you step on Jupiter you will get sucked in to the middle of Jupiter then you will get crushed in to a ball. This is not a good planet for me and Jupiter has a giant storm that has bean going on for 4 billion years it is called the red spot. NEXT PLANET.

Now its Saturn. Saturn is another gas giant like Jupiter but Saturn is a little bit smaller and Saturn has a big ring around it and its made out of dust rock and ice so i cant live on here. NEXT PLANET.

The second to last planet Uranus. Uranus is the second coldest planet and the second to last planet from the sun that is why it is cold. Uranus is a ice giant and a big blue planet it is like Neptune but light blue. I don`t think you can live on it because it is to cold it will cover you in ice this is not the planet for me NEXT PLANET.

The very last planet Neptune the coldest planet of all time. Neptune is another ice giant like Uranus. Neptune is the bluest planet in the whole solar system. It is not good for me so i might go back to earth looks like it is back to boring school planet.

Im back on earth. Im gonna go see my mum i just arivved at my mums house and i can see her threw the window crying. Nock nock nock i walked in and she turn around to look at me and ran so fast at me she sqwished me punched me for leaving but she was so happy too see me again. Looks like earth was the best planet to live on. NOT A NEXT PLANET.

Task description: For this task i had to write about leaving earth finding a new planet to live on so i don`t have to go to school.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My post card

Task description: For this task i had to make a post card to eny person i wont i chose my friend terry because he is nice to me.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

planets in the solar system

Walt: understand information collected from multiple sources. 
  Task description: For this task i had to put all the planets in the solar system in to order and try to make them look like they are in space.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space narative

Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing. 

it is the year 4017 I am leaving planet earth to find another planet because earth is dying. know one is looking after the earth so me and my dog coba will find another better earth for us people. He is a protective dog so he can protect me from aliens. He can bite their legs off and He can also talk. I have packed a lot of water and food and rocket booster shoes. While i was driving my spaceship me and my dog spotted an unknown planet. It looked very strange so i landed on the planet but before i could step out of my spaceship a strange thing was standing in the dust. It was a big big alien! I put my rocket booster shoes on and blasted away with my dog coba it destroyed my spaceship and my bag was in it Gonna have to try to live. The alien was following me and my dog so i put my rocket booster shoes on high max speed. I blasted away so fast i couldn't see where i was going soon i slowed down then i spotted a big and wide tree. I was waiting for nothing so i was going to make a tree house. It will be great. I built a treehouse with branches from the tree`s and leafs for the roof it wasn't much but i just went with it. That day i wanted to go back to my spaceship so i can fix it and defeat the alien then tell everyone on earth that me and my dog coba have found a nice place to live. I put my rocket booster shoes on grabbed my rocket blaster gun and blasted away with my dog again. We are here at my spaceship and the alien is not here but out of know where the alien jumped out the dust i shot him with my gun it just made him weak for a little while i shot him again he dropped to the ground. I shot him one more time then his legs went straight off his body then he crawled away with only his arms. We will go back to earth and tell every one that we have found a better earth then live a happy life.   THE END  

task description: For this task i had to write about two characters leaving earth to find another planet to live on be earth is dying and pollution has taken over the earth.